How Call of Duty changed America

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How Call of Duty changed America

Postby TNBaer » Mon Jun 18, 2012 1:20 pm

I'd be shocked if I were not the only Gamer on this site. Today in The Atlantic Michael Vlahos details how young gamers view warfare and how ten+ years of continual war has changed us.

Hence MW3 is no parable of "The Long War" where U.S. soldiers fight for freedom and democracy among the outcast margins of civilization. Instead this is battle to the death with the Mordor of our age, a terrorist coalition lead by Russians that have brought fire and sword to the peoples of the West. New York in ruins, Paris in ruins, Berlin in ruins—yet unlike the ring saga, as our fighters lay waste to endless infestation, they lay waste to our world as well.

MW3 reveals how this long war reaches back to seize us in ways we can only sense. A vision of primitive fulfillment in battle has claimed our young. Gamers are not conscious of this, of course. A flight attendant I talked to, an avid MW3 player in her 20s, has no political connection to the scenario. Neither do the 12-year olds I know who would play it 24/7 if parents obliged.

They are connecting at the gut level. Yet it is there that allegiances are made. They do not want to be Muslim Ghazi, but they do want to be American Ghazi. They want to fight like Ghazi and if necessary, die like Ghazi. In their deepest dreams, think Beowulf. Think berserker.

I found this interesting, even if I disagreed with much of it.
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Re: How Call of Duty changed America

Postby puttincomputers » Mon Jun 18, 2012 2:17 pm

You are not the only gamer.
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